Políticas de Privacidad

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Privacy Policy

Date of last revision: September 1, 2019


This policy describes the type of information we collect, the way in which it is used and shared, it is applied to the Revistas Ya! service (hereinafter "Services") that do not have an independent privacy policy or that remit to this policy.


I. Information collected. Different types of information related to the user are collected depending on the Services that they use and the use they make of them.

▪ Actions and information provided by the user. Revistas Ya! collects the content and other information that is provided when the USER uses the Services, for example, when opening an account, when creating or sharing content, and when sending messages or when communicating with other people. The information may correspond to data included in the content reviewed or related to it, such as where it was used, the date of creation of a file, the type of content you see, the way you interact with it, the frequency and the duration of the activities, preferences of news and tastes, means used for access and in general lines any data or registration that is provided by the tools used.

▪ The actions of other people and the information they provide. Revistas Ya! collects the content and information that other people provide when they use our Services and that may include information about you, for example, when someone shares information in which you appear or is of interest, send message, upload, synchronize or import your information Contact.

▪ Your networks and connections. Revistas Ya! collects information about preferences about interests, people and groups with which you are connected and about the way you interact with it, for example, the content you prefer, how you interact with it, times and places of access, how you share the Information and / or Services as well as the contact information you provide if you upload, synchronize or import this information (for example, an address book) from a device.

▪ Payment information. In case of using the Services to make purchases or financial transactions Revistas Ya! collects data about said purchase or transaction. This information includes payment information, such as your credit or debit card number and other information about the card, as well as other information about the account and authentication, as well as billing, shipping and contact details.

▪ Information about the device. Revistas Ya! collects and uses information about computers, phones or other devices in which you install our Services or from which you access them, as well as the data generated by those devices, depending on the permissions that you have granted them. Magazines are authorized Ya! to associate the information we collect from the different devices, to offer coherent services in all of them. Here are some examples of information to collect:

▪ Attributes, such as the operating system, the hardware version, the configuration of the device, the names and types of software and files, the battery charge, the signal strength and the device identifiers.

▪ Locations of the device, including the specific geographical position obtained through GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals.

▪ Information about the connection, such as the name of the cell phone operator or internet service provider, the type of browser, the language and time zone, the cell line number and the IP address.

▪ Information about the websites and applications that use our Services. Revistas Ya! collect information about visits or use of websites and third-party applications that use our Services (for example, when they offer access from our applications or when they use our eventual measurement and advertising services). This information includes information about content preferences, websites and applications related to our services, the use you make of our Services in those websites and applications, and the data that the developer or the editor of the application or the website. they provide.

▪ Third party information associated or not. It is possible that third parties interact with you through our Services and this generates information about you and your activities both inside and outside the services of Revistas Ya! For example, we receive information when we offer joint services or data from an advertiser about your experiences or interactions with it.


II. How do we use this information?

Revistas Ya! uses all information collected for the creation and / or optimization of new services and / or personalized products for each of the users or potential users of the Magazines Services Now! trying to achieve this objective, all the information collected is used to optimize the provision of Services, resulting in the following, as a purely enunciative title, part of the activity that is deployed through obtaining the information of the users:

▪ Provide, improve and develop Services. The use of the information is directed purely and exclusively to the understanding of the preferences of the users in order to offer our Services or third parties, to personalize the content, the publicity and to offer suggestions in the use. We also use the information we have to provide shortcuts and simplify the user experience. We can suggest new services or access to third-party products related to the user's interests in accordance with the records derived from the participation of users. When we have location data, we use them to personalize our Services for each person, for example, to help the user register a visit and find local events or offers in your area. Revistas Ya! can use data to conduct surveys and traffic analysis, test functions in the development phase and analyze the information available to evaluate and improve products and services, develop new products or new functions and carry out audits and solution activities from problems.

▪ Communication. Revistas Ya! You can use your information to send marketing messages, let us know about our Services and inform you about our policies and conditions. We also use your information to respond when you contact us.

▪ Show and measure ads and services. Revistas Ya! You may use the information derived from the use of the SERVICES to improve your advertising and measurement systems in order to display relevant advertisements both within our Services and outside of them, and to measure the effectiveness and extent of the advertisements and services.

▪ Promote safety and protection. Revistas Ya! You can use the information to verify accounts and activities, as well as to promote security and protection within your Services and outside of them, by investigating suspicious activities or infringing our conditions or policies. Revistas Ya! You can use advanced technology, such as encryption and machine learning to analyze the information of Users. Revistas Ya! uses cookies and other similar technologies to provide and maintain your Services and each of the uses mentioned and described in this section of our policy the cookies policy is added under annex to this.


▪ III. How is this information used?

USERS access content provided by Magazines Ya! providing information in various ways which can be used as follows:

▪ People with whom you communicate and share information.

When the user accesses information using our Services, he chooses the content of his interest by selecting it. The Public Information will be any information that the User shares or makes public as well as the data of his public profile or the content that he decides to verify. Public information is available to anyone, both within our Services and outside of them, and can be viewed or accessed through Internet search engines, APIs and non-Internet related media, such as television.

▪ Applications, websites and integrations of third parties in our Services or who use our Services. Using applications, websites or other third-party services that use our Services or are integrated into them, these platforms can receive information about your content preferences. For example, when you play a game with your friends. When the user downloads or uses the SERVICES, it can generate and make available to Revistas Ya! a profile that contains your age range, your country and language, your content preferences, any other data that the User decides to Share. Information collected by applications, websites or integrated services is subject to their own conditions and policies.

▪ Share within the companies LINKED with Magazines Now !. Revistas Ya! may share the information it acquires about the user within the group of related companies under the terms of the corporate legislation.

▪ New owner. If the ownership or control of all or part of our Services or your assets is modified, we may transfer your information to the new owner.

Share with partners and customers

Revistas Ya! collaborates with companies around the world that help us to provide our Services and improve them, or that use advertising or related products. These are the types of external collaborators with whom we can share information about the Users of the Services:

▪ Advertising, measurement and analysis services (only information that does not allow personal identification). Revistas Ya! Uses information about users to show relevant ads. Revistas Ya! may provide information that identifies the user personally (that is, information, such as your name or email address, which may be used to contact you or reveal your identity) with third parties that provide advertising, measurement or analysis services, unless that the User sends his rejection in that sense. We may provide information about the scope and effectiveness of your advertising without including personally identifiable information, or we may gather the information in such a way that you can not be personally identified.


▪ General providers, service providers and other partners. Revistas Ya! will be authorized to transfer information to general providers, service providers and other partners to provide technical infrastructure and similar services, analyze the use made of our Services, measure the effectiveness of the advertisements and services, provide customer service, facilitate payments or conduct academic research and surveys.

IV. information management

The user can manage the personal information stored. Revistas Ya! will keep data for the time necessary to provide products and services to you and others, including those described above. The information associated with your account will be retained until the account is deleted, unless we no longer need the data to provide the products and services you can request the deletion of data by express communication in that regard.


V. Response to legal requirements

Revistas Ya! You can access information about everything and any type delivered by the creed by the latter through data traffic records, as well as keep it and report on it in response to a legal requirement (such as a search warrant, court order or citation). case the applicable law so requires. This may include the response to legal requirements from outside jurisdictions. Also Revistas Ya! can access information and share it when in good faith it is necessary to detect, prevent and combat fraud and other illegal activities; provide to other people and even as part of investigations. Revistas Ya! can provide information about the reliability of an account to prevent fraud and abuse both within our Services and outside of them. It is possible that Magazines Ya! consult, process or retain information that users receive (including information about financial transactions relating to purchases made) for a prolonged period when subject to a judicial request or obligation, to a government investigation or to investigations related to possible infractions of our policies or conditions, or to avoid damage. We also keep information about the accounts that were disabled for infringing our conditions and we keep your data for a minimum of one year in order to avoid the repetition of abusive behavior or infractions of our conditions.

SAW. Use of data at the international level

Revistas Ya! You can share information internally in your family of companies or with third parties for the purposes described in this policy even when they are abroad.


VII. Changes made in this policy

Revistas Ya! will notify before making any and all changes to this policy



For more information on how data privacy works in Revistas Ya! or make precise inquiries about this policy, the USER can be contacted through the following address info@revistasya.com